If you are making your own pet food (Home Made), or if you are checking the label of a pet food you bought to feed your pet, it is important to determine the ingredients. Minimum Guaranteed Analysis of Pet food (Verification of Label with Ingredients)- regulations require a pet food to guarantee the following:

  • Minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat.
  • Maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture.

Dr. DeBonis will provide a free 15 minute consultation (Value is $35) upon payment of a test. Or if you prefer to speak with Dr. DeBonis first, the $35 consultation fee will be credited towards the payment of a test.


Shipping: Your Sample fee includes the Sampling Kit, Pre-filled Submission Form, Shipping the Sampling Kit to the client, and Shipping the Sample Kit (containing the pet food sample) to PFSVL.

Refunds: Only partial refunds are available on any purchase (unless it is a technical issue). Once Sample Kits have been shipped, then refunds include a Shipping & Handling fee of 20%. If samples are already inside the lab, then they are not available for any refunds.