Measurement of trace minerals including copper, cobalt, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc will verify that all nutrients are present in your home made diet or commercial pet food.

  • Too much of any mineral is just as dangerous as too little.
  • Yet trace minerals are necessary for the body to function.
  • For example, iron is necessary because it binds oxygen in hemoglobin. This means that oxygen can travel in the bloodstream to reach all areas of the body.


Shipping: Your Sample fee includes the Sampling Kit, Pre-filled Submission Form, Shipping the Sampling Kit to the client, and Shipping the Sample Kit (containing the pet food sample) to PFSVL.

Refunds: Only partial refunds are available on any purchase (unless it is a technical issue). Once Sample Kits have been shipped, then refunds include a Shipping & Handling fee of 20%. If samples are already inside the lab, then they are not available for any refunds.